Phil Campbell

Guitar & Piano Lessons

in your home

I have taught guitar and piano to children and adults since 2007.  I am known for patience, clear explanation, and depth of musical knowledge.  

I will come to your home in Palo Alto, Menlo Park, Los Altos or Portola Valley.  Online lessons are also available.

For beginners: Take advantage of my many years of playing and teaching to get your best start.  I will get you playing songs quickly, and soon you will be playing songs that you know and love.

For intermediate and advanced players: Push your skills to the next level!  Learn a new style or new technique.  Learn music theory that you can understand and really use.  Learn to improvise.

Other instruments: You can also learn electric bass, ukulele, or mandolin from me.  I play and teach all those instruments as well.

Do you have special needs?  In my years of teaching, I have successfully taught students with dyslexia, autistic spectrum, stroke damage, visual impairment, and memory impairment.  I am happy to talk to you about your needs and be honest about what I can do for you.

Email: [email protected]

Phone or text:  (650) 352-3486


Student Reviews

My experience with guitar lessons with Phil has been excellent. He has shown an amazing ability to “read the audience” and adapt to my personal set of needs. He initially provided my adult daughter many very nurturing ukulele lessons. Now for me starting guitar as a well seasoned adult, his encouraging method allows me to feel comfortable with my process. I look forward to my weekly sessions and the opportunity to tap into Phil’s vast wellspring of skills, knowledge, and experience. Phil knows how to connect with his student in a relaxed, comfortable, and engaging manner. I would very highly recommend Phil to anyone interested in taking their music to the next level! - Pete Jollymour 
Phil Campbell is an excellent teacher and talented musician. My son has been taking guitar lessons from him for several years now. He started in elementary school in a group lesson on acoustic and as a teenager now takes individual electric guitar lessons with him. My older daughter also enjoyed taking lessons from him throughout her middle and high school years, moving from acoustic and then bass. He is gifted at handling different ages and experience levels. His love of music comes through in his teaching and he is able to pass that on to his students. He has a wide knowledge base of musical theory and instruments, that he deftly shares with his students. The weekly guitar lessons with Phil have been a consistent bright spot to my son’s weeks-especially during the pandemic. One of the attributes that my children noted was that “he believes in you”. That says a lot about his style of teaching and the connection he has with his students. - Jessica Ferrell
Phil is an awesome teacher and wonderful person! He taught my son piano for a number of years and now teaches my husband guitar. His patience and skill in teaching all levels, making lessons fun, and adaptability with musical styles are superb. And he offers either in-person or online lessons--you can learn anywhere. - Larisa Usich
Phil has been teaching my kids for 10+ years. Over that time, they have worked with Phil on the piano, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, mandolin, and ultimately music theory and writing music. Phil is extremely patient and kind, and practices "student lead" choices of music to learn. Phil conveniently comes to the house for lessons, an added bonus for families with busy schedules. Our family highly recommends Phil! - Melissa Balentine 
Phil Campbell is a fantastic piano and guitar teacher! He has taught my 2 sons for many years (since they were 6, and they are teenagers now). At this point, they both really enjoy sitting down to play the piano or the guitar for fun.

Phil is very supportive and flexible - and makes learning music enjoyable. He is very relaxed, so the kids enjoy their time with him and don’t feel it’s and obligation.

Phil started the boys on classical music but now he let’s them pick their own popular songs to learn. We work with him on zoom at this point (since Covid) and feel very lucky to have Phil as our piano and guitar teacher. I recommend him with 5 stars! - Didi Engel
Phil is a master - a deeply gifted teacher and musician. Our son has been working on acoustic guitar with Phil for over seven years. From demonstrating to him his first chord shape, to strumming, to fingerpicking, to tab, to reading music, to music theory and composition, Phil has given our son the lifetime gift of making and sharing music. And we have been given the joy of watching our son learn, discover, mature and delight in jamming alongside family and friends. Hailing from families packed with musicians, as well as being classically-trained ourselves, Phil was our first and only choice. He’s an integral part of our family/village raising our son, and we’re so fortunate to have him in our lives.
- Burton Business
My son has taken both guitar and piano lessons with Phil, from the age of 6 to now 16. Phil has been amazing, not only in teaching him various technics but also transmitting his passion for music. I highly recommend him! - Veronique Lafargue 

Grateful for Phil and his gentle approach with kids—he is patient, supportive, and flexible! - Travis & Annie Jamieson